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The Guide to the




A Journey towards Illumination and Enlightenment

For you to get to this page you probably already know what I am going to say. The feeling that something is happening. The inner calling for change. The clarity of your reality.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate survival of the fittest. You Vs Nature. The only possible outcome is that you accept that you are nature. Simple really.

Q, What is the Awakening?

A, Its when you wake up!

Q, Surely I am already awake.

A, The definition of the awake state is as follows.

Definition of awake state.

3 states of awakening


The ability to see things without question. The ability to simply accept what you see. (but not confuse acceptance with approval). The awake state is not interested in anything that is not "in the moment". To be truely awake you have to have a clear mind. Clear of judgement. Clear of the illusions created by us or even for us (media, suggestion, biase opinion).


"Life is the puddle that the soul has stepped in. "

Basically the clearer the puddle the clearer the soul. Purify the body and the mind will purify. Its a connection that must not be ignored. The drugs may show you the soul and the infinite realities it can "perceive". However a truely harmonious body will bring forth the true essence of your soul and your existance to a focus point called NOW. Remember nothing can be better than now. It is a true miracle to be alive within the universe.

One must also stop the need to pursue "sense based" direction. This includes the need for sexual attraction. Although intimate love making is the true purpose of two lovers connecting. One night stands and non meaninful contact with others is to be avoided. Consider researching TANTRA if you need to learn how to captivate your primal-universal energies.


Once the body and mind are syncronised you have to accept that your subconsciousmind and your consciousmind are actually one! The segregational clasification of the mind was part of the evolutionry process to allow the mind to analyse itself. This is not necessary anymore. We have to reconnect the analysis tool. Next step we have to repeat to ourselves that our mind, body and the universe are ONE.

The awakening is in essence surrendering yourself to the universe. Without doubt the universe will carry you towards your Dreams

Choose your dreams

The awakening is when we all focus on a single unified dream.

"last night I had a dream"

Awakening checklist:

Mental start point You need a mental start point. If you may have a feeling of being lost.

A good verbal start point is :





repeat these words in any state of confusion.

Clarity overload. You wake up so much that your reality almost becomes unbearable. Solution

Meditation. Yoga. relaxation. Slow down your purification process. There is no rush

Clarity based anger Its when you see what is happening around you. You may feel the need to take to the streets. Once again practice "non-violent" behavior. It may be difficult but it is the only way to get any message across. Yelling at policemen and kicking down doors carries the wrong message. You will be heard if you speak. If you feel you don't have enough confidence, consider joining an organisation that speaks your language. You may be surprised how many people support the causes you believe in.

A true test of an organisation is whether you are allowed to leave without being hasseled.

Realisation overload This is where you begin to exceed to a level you didn't know was possible. This is normal as any new trail of thought will over take the last. Allow the realisations to sink in. In any evolutionary process the subject will experience a state of confusion as to what is going on. As a past state travelling to present state naturally gets analysed. This is necessary "mental comparison". This stage can be quite dangerous, it is where a person may be more mentally evolved than you(at this stage) and uses the higher evolved knowledge as a power to manipulate the situation. 

It has been suggested that governments of the past have been know to remove essential nutrients from the food chain to ensure a non rebelion situation. An other "far out" theory suggests that mind numbing ingredients have been added to the food chain. i.e Floride etc so stop out brains from operating at all cylinders. Try not to overconcern yourself with these theories, whether "they" did or did not it is in the past now.

Also be careful as not to believe that you are the CHOSEN ONE. This will envariably lead to your assasination. Simply believe that we are all the one and that

"Thousands will follow no great leader" - Consciousness

God realisation Once you realise your place in the universe you get god realisation. You realise that that god is the universe and that you are in the universe. So the next natural assumption is that we are all connected to God. This is assuming that you agree that God is the universe - Existance
Illumination Once your mind, body and soul connect you will realise that everything you see is light. The veil of illusions drop from reality and the true essence of the universe will channel through your thoughts - Bliss
Enlightenment The continuous connection of illumination is Enlightenment. It is liberation from the need to classify.
The understanding of your existance.
The pure faith of your beliefs. purity, truth.

Existance, Consciousness, Bliss.

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