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Last night I had a dream

Last night I had a dream,

Where.. no one judges each other but understands.

Where forgiveness exists

Where love exists in the hearts of all

Where the integrity of each individual is maintained

Where peoples actions are understood and not labeled

Where suspicion is replaced with reason.

Where pain is shared and not hidden.

Where self control is mastered

Where expectations do not cloud our view one another.

Where your past can be seen without fear.

Where acceptance is not confused with approval.

Where those in need are not afraid to ask for help

Where the homeless are not passed by.

Where compassion is an integral part of every conversation

where positivity is the route of ALL thought

Where manipulation does not exist.

Where the innerself and the outerself is synchronised

where you do not fight what you have but work with it.

Where people live in the now and are not consumed in the past

Where the future is not fuelled by greed.

where unconditional love is exchanged

where everyone is treated as an equal regardless of colour, sex, race culture, religion or belief.

Where the wrongs of that past are not repeated

where problems are identified and not ignored!

where everyone has a voice, that can be heard

where cruelty, harm and abuse are abolished.

Where the quest for knowledge and understanding do not neglect the needs of the uneducated.

Where the human race unite once and for all.

I had that dream! I did I did.



Zak 99